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My Peace Corps Address

Folks, this page is dedicated towards those who wish to send me something in Paraguay, whether it be for the locals, or to me! I’ve attached my address and a some ‘wish’ items in case you need some ideas :)

My address for the Peace Corps is:

Brittany Boroian
Voluntaria de Cuerpo de Paz
Caazapá, C.P. 5.600

Paraguay, South America

Suggested things to send to help out Paraguayans in my site!
– Anything school-related. Pens, pencils, crayons, markers, notebooks, folders, tape, scissors- etc!
– Books. Extremely basic children’s books in English or Spanish, intermediate books in English or Spanish, and advanced books in Spanish.
– Little ‘prizes’ for games- yo-yos, candies, whistles, etc.
– Puzzles! A universal time-passer.
– If you can find any, old drum sticks would be very much appreciated! I teach drum set at a music school, and it’s great for the kids to have something to practice with.
– Cheap Kodak disposable cameras. The kids love them, and I can get their pictures developed in the capital.
– Your old Twister game. I play them a lot with the kids so they can learn the colors in English!

And of course, if you’re feeling charitable and want to help out a fellow Peace Corps Volunteer who occasionally misses some of the good things in the U.S. of A, sending along one of these things would be intensely appreciated!

- A good old letter! Who doesn’t appreciate snail mail :)
– Candy. I’m a sucker for Peppermint Patties, Goetze’s Caramel Creams, Nerd Ropes, Gobstoppers, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups- actually, seriously just send me anything you can think of and I will love it. Nothing makes my day like good old American candy.
– Snacks. Good old American snacks are also always exciting. Surprise me with a big old bag of Barbacue Lays or SmartFood Cheddar Popcorn. French Onion Dip, Queso Dip, Salsa. Powders to make Ranch sauce… Whatever you can think of!
– Spices! Whatever you got. I love specialty blends (such as these- but like I said, I’ll take them all!
– Any type of SAUCE you can think of- sauce to marinate chicken in, balsamic glaze, honey mustard, etc. I especially love Indian marinades (my favorite is Sukhi’s Curry Pastes and Kitchen of India Curries). I’m also big on Thai food and love anything by Thai Kitchen or A Taste of Thai. Also any type of salad dressing would be fantastic, considering Paraguayans only use mayonnaise down here!
– Drink mixes (such as Iced Tea- one that I love is Arizona Pomegranate Iced Tea Stix)
– Clorox Wipes. Yes, I’m serious, they are my favorite and help me tackle my perpetually dusty house!
– Books. Whatever you think I would enjoy reading. I would also love a book of recipes.

- Of course, ANYTHING would be greatly loved and appreciated, so feel free to get creative!

Last but not least, some tips for sending!

The cheapest and best method to send is through the regular U.S. Postal service. You can also send through DHL (though more expensive, it is more reliable). Try to pack everything into as little of a box as possible and wrap it VERY tightly. Make sure the address is eligible on at least two sides of the box. When filling out the value for the items in the box, NEVER place the total value above $20- otherwise some nosy handlers at customs may get curious and then no box will arrive to Paraguay! Last but not least, please do not send any electronics as I would have to pay a huge customs tax on them!

Thank you so much in advance for your kindness and generosity!
Much love,

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[...] My Peace Corps Address [...]

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[...] My Peace Corps Address [...]

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Hello Britany
My name Yimy, I’m Paraguayan, I just found out the services they are offering the Peace Corps organization currently in my country, I am impressed by the genuine warmth of Americans, you Americans are so expressive (“oh my god “” what a lovely day “” it’s very cool “hahaha), also are charitable and sensitive to the needs and desires of others, I realize the personality they have, as always talk with Mormons and good also with the friends in the chat, it’s a shame that only the service is being provided inside the country, and that inspired to learn English later in the future I can teach my children to know about the two universal languages ​​(the Guarani not) haha, (I can read but not speak) hahaha if I’m studying English and about 8 months ago from my computer, through books and the web, I am living in the central department specifically from the city of Luque, my city is called (city of music just because haha guitars and harps are sold is also known as the city of gold jewelry because it is molded and selling jewelry, I’m 2 miles from the airport near the Mormon church, I have 20 years, since I’m grateful for what they do for my country.


Comment by YIMY

i will like to send pens for school children and i will also like to join the peace corp

Comment by tina

Hi Brittany!
My name is Gabrielle and I am the head leader of my high schools Students in Action team. I had the idea to start a project for a few PCV’s and was wondering if you’d like to be one of them?!
The project: Choose about 3 PVC’s who are currently serving overeas and would like some things from home (USA). Anything you’d like that we can send you. We will have a drive during lunches at our school to collect items for the volunteers chosen and then send them to you! This would be a way to let all PCV’s know that while your thinking about giving up, or feeling alone, or feeling stressed, that people back home in the USA care, miss, and admire your passion for what your doing. (Even people you don’t know like me.) haha. I hope you’ll take us up on this offer! Hope to hear from you soon! You can e-mail me at

Comment by gabriellemcnichol


My Peace Corps Address | Change Yourself…Change The World.

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My Peace Corps Address | Change Yourself…Change The World.

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My Peace Corps Address | Change Yourself…Change The World.

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My Peace Corps Address | Change Yourself…Change The World.

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My Peace Corps Address | Change Yourself…Change The World.

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My Peace Corps Address | Change Yourself…Change The World.

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